Biting and Breastfeeding? Help!

Can anyone give me any tips on how to stop 10-month-old Sam from biting during breastfeeding?  He has four sharp teeth like tiny daggers.  Two on the top, two on the bottom.   When the first one poked through, we were so surprised and thrilled!  This fresh, new, white, hard point sticking out!  Without telling them why, I had my momanddad- in-law wash their hands, and then told them to feel inside his mouth.  Nobody shares your excitement about your baby like the grandparents do.  So it felt like a celebration when that inaugural tooth arrived.  And it explained all the unusual crying of the previous night.

That was a few months ago.  It has happened several times in the past week or so that he bites me during nursing.  It hurts!

I have been using a firm, serious tone of voice to say “No Biting.”  Sometimes I say it twice or try to unlatch him.  I’m opposed to any sort of slapping method of getting him to stop.  Breastfeeding is our special snuggly time; I don’t want to make it unpleasant for Sam by yelling or hitting him.   But I also won’t allow myself to be hurt and bitten like some sort of self-sacrificing martyr.

I’m guessing that the firm voice and trying to unlatch him are the best methods, but if anyone out there has any other advice, please feel free to share!  And he is only going to get more and more teeth.  Is this the beginning of the end of my breastfeeding?  I was hoping to go longer.

2 Comments on “Biting and Breastfeeding? Help!”

  1. sad, but true – a slap(maybe on the hands?) or spank… I assume not hard enough to hurt, but to startle and train baby to associate biting with the unpleasant stimulus. Like training labrats, I suppose. I can’t see justifying hitting a baby for any reason, so I’ll stick with the firm voice and unlatch. Thanks for the encouragement! I was hoping to breastfeed for at least the first year, maybe a bit longer if it’s going well.

  2. OH my God do people slap their babies for biting?!! You cannot be serious.
    The firm voice and the unlatch is definitely the best method I found. I also pushed our kids’ bodies away from me a bit too. With our toddler who thought it was a game, I unlatched said No biting and plopped him on the floor. When he wanted to relatch I just said, kind to boobies, boobies give you nice milk or something equally inane in a really gentle tone. All three of ours bit at one stage, only one drew blood…all fed well past 12 months. It did seem to be only when actually teething that they bit, too. Good luck

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